IFAB is very active in fire protection research. 

We are currently involved in the follow-up project "SUVEREN² USE" as a subcontractor for the planning and implementation of experimental fire tests.  This has developed due to new findings from the SUVEREN research project (safety in underground urban transport areas when using new energy sources). 

IFAB was already involved in the research project as a subcontractor of the consortium (BAM, FOGTEC and STUVA). The underlying general problem related to safety in underground transport infrastructure facilities, taking into account the use of new energy sources. IFAB was responsible for carrying out experimental investigations on the specific tasks. Among other things, large-scale fire tests (battery fires and gas fires) were to be used to investigate whether the effects of critical events on the infrastructure itself and its users can be reduced by applying specially adapted defence measures.

As an example of research projects in which IFAB has participated in the past, the European research project SOLIT² (Safety of Life in Tunnels) should be mentioned here. IFAB planned and implemented the large-scale fire tests in this largest research project on fire protection in tunnels together with the Fire Brigade Institute (IdF) Heyrothsberge. The SOLIT² test programme included 40 large-scale fire tests in combination with fire fighting systems. The aim was to study the compensation of other safety systems in tunnels. More information can be found at Likewise, UPTUN or SOLIT1 are very well-known research projects in which IFAB or IFAB's staff were involved.


IFAB's international network (incl. our cooperations) includes a large number of fire protection research institutions and authorities. IFAB staff are actively involved in relevant standardisation groups, such as CEN (Europe) or NFPA (USA). A selected list of different partners, standardisation bodies or authorities with which IFAB cooperates is shown below: