Institute for applied fire safety research

IFAB is active worldwide in fire protection consulting and fire protection research and has its headquarters in Berlin. IFAB advises, designs, plans and simulates for constructors, building owners, insurance companies, authorities and on a subcontract basis for engineering offices. In addition to classic fire protection consulting, which includes fire protection concepts, fire protection verifications and fire protection planning, the experts primarily deal with issues and solutions that are not or only insufficiently covered by the recognised rules of technology.

 IFAB has knowledge that represents the current state of science and technology and can draw on an extensive history of real-scale fire tests and smoke tests. We have unique insights based on a collection of data from our large portfolio of diverse fire test series. Our consulting and planning services are therefore not only based on theoretical data. We specialise in industrial applications, rail vehicles, road and rail tunnels and metro stations.

IFAB develops its expert opinions, concepts, plans and analyses not only on the basis of theoretical principles, but also incorporates real test data. In this way, the best possible fire protection solution can be found for each project. In this way, the results of CFD calculations, for example, can be validated.

IFAB is a testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03. Of course, the needs of our customers are always in the foreground. Our mission is therefore to implement innovative and effective fire protection solutions including strict cost optimisation. The more difficult the issue, the greater our contribution: