IFAB offers support and assistance for fire safety issues in tunnels and metros, both rail and road tunnels. IFAB specializes primarily in the fire protection engineering of complete transportation systems. These include: Tunnels, stations and vehicles. Road tunnels differ from rail tunnels mainly in terms of design fire scenarios and traffic volume. Rail tunnels are usually equipped with more complex ventilation systems, and in the event of an evacuation, many passengers must be brought to safety in a short time.

Our engineers have gained a lot of specific experience, especially in large trial fires in underground transportation facilities. IFAB has conducted more than 200 real fire tests for tunnel and metro applications. No other institute has such a wealth of experience for these applications, especially in terms of data from real fire tests with heat release rates greater than 100 MW. Many of these tests were part of well-known European research programs, such as SUVEREN, UPTUN, SOLIT and SOLIT². It is primarily our extensive practical experience that sets IFAB apart from other consultants.

This enables us to guarantee safe, efficient and cost-saving implementation of fire protection solutions. This is especially true for applications in tunnels and metro stations, which in practice often harbor various hazards. In addition, a lack of standards in this area leads to legal uncertainties for the customer. Here, too, IFAB offers various solutions that have already proven their worth in the past.